The Amazing Life of Peter Briger

Peter Briger has had a life that few people could dream of. He has accomplished just about everything you can in the business world. He has a net worth of well over $1 billion that he earned himself. Needless to say, he is very intelligent. You have to be smart to make a fortune like that without inheriting any of it. He now works as the Chairman of the Board of the Fortress Investment Group. This firm has global assets of roughly $65 billion. Investors from all over the world have entrusted Fortress to manage their money to make profits for them. Peter takes that responsibility very seriously.

He went to a pair of Ivy League schools, eventually earning an MBA from Wharton. He was not quite sure if a career in finance and investing would suit him. However, he decided to accept a position at the New York City office of Goldman Sachs. He started at the bottom. However, he was hungry to succeed. His bosses saw a lot of skill in the investing decisions he made on a regular basis. They saw that he had a level of knowledge of the foreign markets that other people at the firm simply did not have. This resulted in Peter Briger rapidly ascending the Goldman Sachs chain of command. He made a name for himself. There were many profiles written about Peter Briger in various financial publications. However, the best was yet to come. He was then given a chance to helm Fortress. He took to this job like a duck to water. He greatly increased the profits of the company within one year of taking charge. Investors started flocking to Fortress. They wanted the company run by Peter to be in charge of their investments. He had officially reached the top of the mountain and more

Peter Briger is still leading Fortress over a decade after taking the position. He loves his job and he could not imagine doing anything else. However, he does devote a lot of his time to various charitable causes. He uses his vast fortune to make the world a better place. He has donated quite a bit of cash to charities that benefit helping poor children receive a good education. He also is a supporter of various environmental causes. He believes in saving the rain forests and reducing the amount of drilling for oil that is done in Alaska.

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