Success Academy students excel in Penn Relay Races track and field events

Students from the Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts went to Philadelphia last month to participate in the Penn Relay Races, an historic track and field event that has been in existence for almost 130 years.


It was the first time students from a Success Academy school participated in the event, but it will certainly not be the last as many of the students did incredibly well. One team finished in the top five in their event, and several other students managed to achieve a personal best.


As most of these students were competing against students older than them, and students who were veterans at the event, Success Academy teachers and administrators could not have been more proud.


The teacher in charge of the trip also made sure it was an educational trip for the Success Academy students. He booked time at Philadelphia’s ‘Escape The Room’, where the students had to put their heads together to figure out a way out of a locked room in the time allowed.


The following day, after the track meet, he also took the students to the university he graduated from, where they were given a personal tour.


Considering many of these Success Academy students are from families where no-one has ever gone to university, you can guarantee seeing what campus life is like certainly made them even more determined to get there themselves.


The success of these Success Academy students at a national field and track meet was not the only good news for the academy in the last month either.


Other students traveled to the Super Nationals chess tournament, where one team finished tied in first place and most of the others ended up in second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth.


Again, this was a first-time event for Success Academy students, yet they excelled.


Success Academy currently has 41 schools in its New York network and serves more than 17,000 students.


Students from the network schools test in the top 10 percent of their peers in New York state and are graduating in record numbers, particularly considering most are Latino or African American and from economically-disadvantaged families.