Ryan Kavanaugh Is Trying To Redefine Boxing

Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the co-owners of the social media app Triller. It lets users share videos in a social media format. Think of it as YouTube and Twitter combined. Triller is also the owner of a newly launched sports and entertainment venture called the Triller Fight Club.

The Triller Fight Club is a sports league targeted at a younger demographic between the ages of 17-27. It is trying to redefine and revitalize the sport of boxing to appeal to a younger audience, says Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh. One of the ways that the Triller Fight Club attempts to appeal to younger audiences is by combining music and combat sports. Kavanaugh says that the younger demographic loves music and is interested in combat sports, so why not combine them to create a new product that they would enjoy watching.

Triller has had success with its fight club blending music and combat sports. Its first-ever show featured boxing legend Mike Tyson take on former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. It had over a million viewers tune in. Another fight during Triller Fight’s Club’s first show featured former NBA basketball player Nate Robinson and YouTube personality and fighter Jake Paul. Between the fights, there were performances by famous artists such as Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa.

Ryan Kavanaugh believes that by combining music and combat sports together, you are helping to bring in a new audience to the sport of boxing that would otherwise bypass it. Younger audiences want a visually appealing and exciting entertainment event to watch. Kavanaugh was an expert in creating visually appealing cinematic experiences as a movie producer at Relativity Media. He applies his experience from the film industry to create what he describes as a movie-like atmosphere at Triller Fight Club’s events that get the audience excited whether they are watching the fights live or on television.

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