Miki Agrawal Living Up To Her Goals

Once an investment banker, Miki Agrawal came up with an ingenious idea for women’s underwear. After moving from Canada, she settled in the United States in Brooklyn. Agrawal’s home is as unique as her ideas. The place she calls home was once a church. The sign out front is a reminder of the past with words like all are welcome. Once inside, you’ll walk through a stained glass hallway that housed several apartments. Miki Agrawal and some of her friends are on the same floor. They often spend time hanging out together.

 Miki Agrawal and Andrew Horn live in the lofty area. Although she and Andrew have an interest in business, she didn’t always feel that way. After college, she started a career in the investment industry. Because of the shocking event on 9/11, she found her attention changed to something else. While recalling the moment, Miki Agrawal remembers it as a moment of coming awake for her. She began asking herself if this was the life she wanted to live. She scribbled down ideas for activities she wished to accomplish In her note-taking, she wrote three things she wanted to do.


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 From the beginning, Agrawal’s career started in the sport, but fate stepped in, and she received an injury during a soccer game. The injury happened twice, and she realized the universe was trying to tell her something. In which case, she replied, she got the message. She started coming up with ideas for a business such as making healthy alternatives for not-so-healthy pizza.

 Agrawal acknowledges she wasn’t much of a cook before establishing her first restaurant, but it didn’t stop her from doing so in 2005, when she called it Wild. She now co-owns two restaurants with her boyfriend, delegating responsibility to him. Working fourteen to eighteen hours a day gave her a thick skin. When the media came knocking on her door, her time there had prepared her. New York Magazine, Slate, and other publications are among them. Her attention was not always complimentary. She drew inspiration from quotes she had written on her fridge. These quotations aid in the generation of new concepts.

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