Future Scientific Group Plain Language Summaries Simplify Scientific Literature

Future scientific Group is a growing publisher initially founded in the latest peer-reviewed scientific journals. Over time they have expanded into digital hubs, run events, creative services, and publication solutions. FSG aims to make scientific literature understandable to audiences at least 12 years of age. By using Plain language summaries, a summarization of specialist research, broken down for non-specialist readers. Such as patients and carers.

FSG encourages its authors to use illustrations, graphs, and videos in their summaries that match the original text for an even swifter read. A plain language summary is included in the article or written as a standalone. Like regular journals, the summaries have DOIs and citations linked to the original article by indexing as a comment, typically written by the author or someone directly involved in the publication process.

In addition, FSG offers many resources for its authors to assist with writing. Each summary is peer-reviewed to ensure it reflects the original content. Standalone plain language summaries get published under a CC-BY-ND license to allow readers to copy and share however they please as long as they acknowledge the original author to prevent alterations or plagiarism. Because FSG offers free summaries to its readers, publishing one in any FSG journal costs $3,500.

However, this fee covers the in-house steps from submission to publishing and website housing for the summary. Similar to other journals, plain language summaries are indexed to help readers quickly discover the article once it is published and ready to be shared throughout social media. To know more click: here.