Edgard Corona’s Smartfit Company Is Slowly Expanding After Recovering From the Financial Impact of the Pandemic

fEdgard Corona’s SmartFit business makes up the largest collection of gyms in Brazil. The coronavirus pandemic forced more than 900 Smartfit gyms to temporarily close, and the company’s rapid growth slowed as a result. The business is now starting to pick up again because the economy is returning to normal.

Edgard Corona believes that there will be a huge resurgence in demand for gyms as millions of gym members attempt to return to their normal everyday fitness activities. The gym chain thinks that customers will start exercising again to improve their overall health and wellness.

Fitness markets are rapidly changing, so the company is constantly developing new strategies to stay competitive. CEO Edgard Corona has been seeking innovative ways to keep the business afloat during the tumultuous pandemic. He offered members ways to maintain an active fitness routine while staying in their homes.

The company also created more than 40 new safety protocols to ensure that members remain safe from the virus while working out. The pandemic caused many customers to reconsider the importance of staying fit and healthy to avoid potential health issues in the future.

Edgard Corona has always sought to find innovative solutions to keep Smartfit competitive. 80 percent of the company’s gyms are currently open to the public, but the maximum capacity of each gym has been reduced. Edgard Corona believes that the company should be prepared to face additional difficulties over the next few months. The business recently acquired a significant amount of contribution funds to aid in its plans for expansion.

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