Desiree Perez Gets a Double-Reward in The 2019 Billboard Women in Music

In the music industry, there is one event that is greatly anticipated by the musicians, The annual Billboard Women in Music. The music event seeks to recognize the major accomplishments of the massive skilled and talented individuals that vehemently work in the industry.

Individuals in the music industry ranging from artists to executives that provide vital behind–the–scenes support are usually honored with massive recognition. The event that was held towards the end of 2019 was significant because of the two major announcements about the then Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Perez.

The first noteworthy announcement in the 2019 event was the naming of Desiree Perez as the Executive of the year. This was recognized as one of the highest honors for the industry executives. Secondly, Roc Nation announced the promotion of Desiree Perez to its Chief Executive Officer position. Since 2009 Perez had held the position of Chief Operating Officer before promotion to the CEO position. These two major announcements have been credited with instantly increasing the longtime prominence of music executives. As Roc Nation’s CEO, Perez was tasked with the role of developing different facets commencing with music. The company is also involved in series of other projects such as touring, publishing, apparel, branding, apparel, talent management, and television and film projects.

Roc Nation also partners with a myriad of charitable foundations and organizations in its quest to impact livelihoods. These foundations include Cara Lionel Foundation, the RC21 Foundation, Shawn Carter Foundation, the REFORM Alliance, and Team Roc. Desiree Perez is said to have succeeded Jay Brown who previously was the CEO of Roc Nation.

However, Jay Brown was appointed to the board of directors of the company to serve as the vice-chairman. The brainchild behind Roc Nation is Shawn Carter famously known as Jay-Z in the performing industry.