Securus Technologies Excels Despite the Challenges in the Industry

Securus Technologies is telephone service providing company situated in Dallas, Texas. At Securus Technologies, we offer services to over 1 million inmates in North America and beyond. In addition, law enforcement firms and various correction agencies, as well as organizations issuing public safety, are also beneficiaries of our services.


In a broader scope, at Securus Technologies we basically aim at providing public information to communities in Texas, telecommunications, investigation and information management services and much more. Altogether, our services focus on tightening security within the prisons and the society at large. Truly, the efforts of Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of our company have impacted greatly in the lives of many people within the communities of Dallas.


At Securus Technologies, we are also committed to advancing our technologies with the aim of providing better approaches to criminal justice. This has raised public safety departments a notch higher due to the improvement in the services that we provide. Various companies that rely on our services have enjoyed maximum security and increased efficiency due to the company’s technological advancements. These advances have enhanced the rates at which employees of these companies access and store pieces of information in their various departments.


Recently, we were involved in clarifying some information that was published by Global Tel Link which is also a telephone service providing company. Richard Smith defended our company against the claims that our colleagues at Global Tel Link stated in their allegations. However, we continue to focus on being the best amidst all the challenges that our company keeps facing all the time.


If you want services with detailed technological advancements, we at Securus Technologies are at your disposal anytime, any day. Our CEO is doing everything he can to ensure that our technologies continue to serve you as always. Nonetheless, the financial and technological claims issued by Global Tel Link won’t stop us from serving you.


A Company That Cares – Securus Technologies

When Securus Technologies gets involved with a company, their client is better off for it. Securus Technologies leads the way in the public safety industry. They are the best at what they do, and they are in demand from correction facilities and other companies that need to utilize their expertise. They are known around the globe for excellent work in the public safety field.


Their clients began sending in written correspondence to let the company know how much they have benefited from their knowledge and technologies. The company, in turn, decided to make this available to the public for them to read in the form of a published article.


Securus Technologies also wanted the people to be able to see firsthand what they do, and they had them come to their TX office to see for themselves. They were taken around the facility to see what they were working on, and the people received all kinds of beneficial information.


The company uses all kinds of techniques and technologies to deal with the public’s safety. They deal with over one million prisoners in the span of a year’s time. Their mission and goal is to make the world a safer place, and they will do so. They have the abilities, the knowledge, and the dedicated staff to do. The future will see them continuing the lead they have fought for in the competitive world of public safety.


Securus Technologies prevents crime with battlefield technology

Many accuse the United States of being a warlike country, constantly invading peaceful countries throughout the world and finding conflict where none previously existed. However, it is worth noting that the United States military industrial complex has long been one of the primary sources of technological innovation and development of those amenities which make modern life so enjoyable and convenient.


Examples of this abound. From the internet to the microwave, jet aircraft to lasers, the United States Department of Defense has long been at the underwriter of some of the most groundbreaking pure research that humanity has ever undertaken.


Securus Technologies has long been aware of this fact. Inspired by many of the tools developed for the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Securus has spent millions of dollars of its own money adopting these technologies for used within the nation’s prisons. One of these technologies is the cell phone interdiction add detection system known to U.S. soldiers as Stingray.


The Stingray system enables operators to detect any cellular telephones or communications taking place on cellular devices within a certain radius. It does this by spoofing cellular towers, tricking cellular devices into thinking that they are actually communicating with a company tower. In fact, they are actually communicating with the user of the Stingray device, who is then able to intercept all communications, view all metadata concerning the device itself and the communications it is emitting and even trick the user into thinking they are talking to someone other than the person they are trying to contact.


Stingray is currently being deployed by Securs customers in prisons throughout the United States. Its main use has been in detection and confiscation of illicit cellular devices, which are commonly used by sophisticated gangs in order to carry out criminal activities from behind prison walls.


Securus defeats GTL in video visitation face off

GTL technologies have hounded its rival Securus for the last two years. GTL has relentlessly hurled accusations and claims of inferiority at its larger, more successful competitor, finally prompting the industry-leading Securus to answer with a challenge of its own.

Securus offered to pit the two companies’ video visitation technologies against each other in a level-playing-field comparison test. The contest was to be judged by a trusted third party that both sides would have agreed on prior to commencement. GTL refused to play. Thus, Securus, having won by default, can rightly maintain its bragging rights not just as the biggest and most successful player in the inmate communications industry but as the one with the best video visitation product.

Video visitation has many benefits, rock-bottom costs

It’s quite unfair for anyone who hasn’t contributed mightily to the state of the U.S. prison system to paint Securus’ video visitation technology in anything but a positive light. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the system has changed the lives of inmates and their families.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the pre-video-visitation era was the fact that any family who wished to visit their loved ones face-to-face was required to show up to the prison in-person. It’s true enough that most prisons deserve to be where they are, but no family member does. Unfortunately, family members, none of whom were criminals, were often treated in the same way as the convicted felons they were coming to visit. Some were forcibly searched, including by strip searches.

These first interactions with the harsh realities of the prison environment often meant that a family member’s first trip to the prison was also their last. Inmates would, thus, often spend the duration of their sentences without ever seeing their friends or family members.

A Helping Hand During Difficult Times

The great state of Louisiana is currently facing a crisis situation that hopefully does not get too out of hand. A drastic increase in flooding within the state has caused many people to flee their homes in fear. Luckily for these people they have the option of leaving when things become too difficult to stay. For those American citizens currently facing jail time for mistakes they have made in the past, they are confined to their jails and prisons and are unable to make those same choices. Family members of these incarcerated individuals need to feel that their loved ones are taken care of during these time periods, and the only way for them to know for sure that they are safe is if they are able to communicate with them somehow. Fortunately communication technology giant Securus Technologies has come to the rescue, providing free calling service to Louisiana customers.


Securus Technologies produces state of the art communications software, mainly in form of a free mobile application that supports both Android and Apple devices. This application is easy to install and use and provides video conferencing calls between inmates and their family members. Not only does this form of technology make communication that much simpler for inmates and their families but it also provides a more convenient method of interaction between them as to avoids wait times for visitation, as well as drive times to reach prisons.


By providing this free opportunity to customers in Louisiana, Securus Technologies is able to not only increase their clientele but are also able to label them as being humanitarian to a degree. Their support in these difficult times allows their customers to not only have peace of mind but the knowledge that Securus cares for them.