Writer and Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is among the most well known historians on antique arms. For four decades he has collected a number of weapons such as guns and samurai swords. He then studied them and therefore acquire a considerable amount of information about the antique arms that he is willing to share. As a result of this knowledge he has appeared on the History Channel to tell the masses about these unique weapons. Along with studying and sharing his knowledge about antique guns and samurai swords, Michael has also written a number of stories such as books and screenplays. One of these projects resulted in a documentary film that he made about the samurai era. While Zomber is a weapons collector and historian he is also very knowledgeable of the devastating affects of armed conflict. As a result he has been actively involved in peace activism.

One of the things that Michael Zomber has done in his career is become a weapons historian. Over the course of many years he has collected a number of weapons such as guns and samurai swords. With this collection he has gone over a number of facts about their use and effectiveness in armed conflict. By gaining a considerable amount of knowledge of these weapons he has then began informing others about his expertise. Therefore he has spoken on television through major media outlets to discuss his weapons knowledge to the masses. This has made him one of the most well established historians when it comes to learning about guns from the American Civil War and samurai swords.

As well as studying weapons, Michael has used his knowledge to write a number of stories. He has written a number of novels and screenplays about the Japanese samurai era. These stories have portrayed a number of events that took place during this unique time period in history. They also give readers a lot of in depth perspective on the samurai era in terms of the culture and armed conflict. When reading the stories written by Michael Zomber, readers will have the opportunity to learn about the swords and how effective they were in numerous battles. One of the novels and screenplays written by Michael Zomber was made into a documentary film through his independent film company.