The Protest In Venezuela Is Dubbed “The Takeover of Caracas According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

Venezuela is the oil-rich South American country that is in disaster mode. Venezuela has the richest oil reserves in the world, but the government has squandered away all the money the country earned from the sale of crude over the last 17 years. Hugo Chavez began a successful quest to make Venezuela one of the most successful socialist countries in the world in 1999, and for several years he made that happen. He put several social policies in place that helped the poor in his country, and he became one of the most loved leaders in Venezuela history. But Chavez died in 2013, and the man he picked to run the country, Nicolas Maduro, has run Venezuela into the ground, according to the former president of the Chamber of Commerce in Caracas, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González is now the deputy of the National Assembly for the state of Guárico, and he has been trying to get Maduro under control for the last two years. González is one of the country’s top agriculture entrepreneurs. He watched Chavez and Maduro seize farms and cut food production in order to increase the country’s import business. Chavez wanted to import food, and when crude oil prices started to drop, Maduro was too lame to change some of the policies that Chavez put in place. Venezuela’s oil exports took a nosedive, and the money stopped coming in. The farms that once produced enough corn and grain to support the country were gone ,and a food shortage started to turn the streets of Caracas into avenues of crime, according to Manuel.

The opposition is trying to remove Maduro from office, and the recent rally that included millions of starving people let Maduro know that his reign of terror is coming to an end, according to González. Maduro expelled all the foreign reporters, so the outside world doesn’t see how Maduro handled the protest. Maduro believes the rally is the work of imperialist forces, and he vows he will stay in office. But González thinks Maduro is on his way out, in one way or another.