End Citizens United Teams Up In Support Of The Honest Ads Act

The team at End Citizens United has been uniquely focused on putting an end to dark money squirming its way into the political machine. End Citizens United is a political action committee that can be seen all over the news as well as all over the country with grassroots foundations supporting it. The goal of End Citizens United has been simple from day one: to make their name a reality. Taking aim at the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding he conservative group Citizens United, ECU has been focused on getting a constitutional amendment put into place to repeal the act.

For those that don’t know, Citizens United is a conservative group that has been focused on systematically dismantling the voting rights of honest Americans all over the country. Citizens United was crafted together by a lawyer named James Bopp and his work has been as thorough as it has been shocking. Bopp was the vocal leader of the Citizens United movement and the reason that they got off of the ground back in 2010. Bopp argued on behalf of corporations in order to allow them to be considered ‘people’ with the right to donate to campaigns as an extension of their own free speech. This incredibly problematic line of thinking somehow passed the smell test at the Supreme Court and as a result we now see corporations trying to influence everybody in politics.

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End Citizens United knows that voters should have the right to access accurate information relating to the political world. ECU also believes that there should be legislation put in place to weed out the problem that is actual fake news. That is why End Citizens United teamed up with Senators Amy Klobuchar, John McCain, and Mark Warner in support of the Honest Ads Act. This Act was introduced by the trio of senators after it was made alarmingly clear that Russian government agents acted to actively influence the American election, swaying voters toward bloviating reality show host, Donald Trump. These literal ‘fake news’ advertisements worked to vend out disinformation that painted Trump in a positive light while smearing all other candidates.

Tiffany Muller, the End Citizens United President, said of the Honest Ads Act, “When foreign countries are permitted to funnel secret money to corrupt our democracy, Americans are left without a voice.” Muller and the team at End Citizens United have always been completely focused on making a difference within the realm of dark money and special interests and this goes two-fold when the money is pouring in from hostile government actors. End Citizens United will continue to push for change through their social media presence as well as with fully functional, elaborate ground campaigns throughout the country.

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