Ryan Seacrest: Ever Evolving Entertainer

Most know Ryan Seacrest best as the host of the first fifteen seasons of American Idol. His name is just as synonymous with the show as any of the judges or winners of the long-running talent competition. While it’s what he is best known for, it should not be the only thing.

While he may no longer be the host of American Idol, he can be heard on the radio each week hosting America’s Top 40 as well as his daily morning show On the Air with Ryan. Radio was Seacrest’s first experience in hosting when he was a teenager, and knew it to be his calling; he genuinely enjoys connecting with his listeners and guests, and knows the best way to go about that is TV.

According to the NY Times, shortly after American Idol ended it’s run on Fox, Seacrest had an opportunity to co-host the morning talk show Live with his personal friend Kelly Ripa. They quickly formed a charming on-screen bond that helped bring Ryan Seacrest back to live television hosting.

Ryan Seacrest brands himself as a distinct blend of charmingly relatable and trendiness; he has a way to make his audience feel just as close to the action and stars as he is. These traits can be seen in his other business ventures, such Ryan Seacrest Distinction (a collection of modernized classic styles for men) and his skincare line Polished.

According to E-Online, now that Seacrest has regained his share of the spotlight in pop-culture and built a name for himself outside of Idol, he is able to take his connection to his audience to another level. Starting in 2010, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has built radio studios in nine children’s hospitals across the country, giving these children an opportunity to explore several forms entertainment media and providing creative therapy.

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Jim Toner Talks About The Lessons He Learned From The Movie “They Live”

An article on real estate investor‘s Jim Toner’s blog is about the secret to creating true wealth. He starts out by talking about the 1988 John Carpenter movie “They Live”. In this movie, the wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper plays the part of Nada, a person who just wanders around aimlessly with no direction in his life. He comes across a pair of sunglasses that when worn show the world as how it really is.

According to thriftbooks.com, Nada is on the streets of Los Angeles and it slowly begins to dawn on him that both government and media are sending out subliminal messages. These messages keep people passive and easily controlled. As it turns out the world is being run by some aliens with skeletal faces. Nada then kicks and punches his way to victory.

Jim Toner says that unlike Nada he doesn’t need sunglasses to see that people have become willfully controlled by the government and large corporations. Most people nowadays walk around with their eyes staring down at their phones. When they’re in coffee shops they are once again staring at their phones are at a computer screen. He says that the vast majority of news stories are actually planted in order to advance an agenda and getting people to do what the powers that be want them to do. See Toner’s official website.

In order to create wealth, Jim Toner says that people need to take the blinders off and think accurately. Most people will never reach their potential because they never work for themselves, just others. He says that most people follow what has been told to them which is that they’ve got to college, get a job at some company, and work their way up from there.

Jim Toner says you can ignore all of that. The best way to attain wealth is to figure out what you really want out of life, not what someone else is telling you to do. He made his money his own way, in the real estate industry. He says people should stay off social media, quit paying attention to the mainstream media, establish their own path in life.

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DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani Is Moving The World Of Real Estate Development Into The Future

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded his own company and named it DAMAC Properties. He remains the majority shareholder and Chairman of the company. The focus of the company is real estate development and they specialize in luxury properties. Through Sajwani’s leadership, the company has grown into a world-renowned development giant, as they pursue design, engineering and construction quality. DAMAC Properties continues to create some of the world’s most remarkable properties.

The DAMAC owner has ventured along a development path that has included a partnership between DAMAC Properties and DAMAC International Company International. The result was Nine Elms Property Limited and developed AYKON London One. It is a development of the mixed-use nature and is one of the tallest buildings in London. It provides residents with one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. The DAMAC owner embarked upon another partnership between the Oman Government Tourism Bureau and DAMAC International to form Mina Al Sultan Qaboos. The partnership created a lifestyle destination along with a tourist port. The development includes residences, hotels and luxury dining, shopping and entertainment.

Another development success story for the DAMAC owner is the 1992 created DICO Investment Co, LL, which is the investment entity for Hussain Sajwani. The assets are divided into four areas including debt instruments, long term investments, subsidiary ownership and strategic holdings. The company manages billion’s in assets throughout the Middle East.

An additional development owned by DAMAC International is AYKON Maldives Resort. The resort, located on a reclaimed island includes a five-star, luxury hotel that offers villas, bungalows and luxury suites. The development also includes a variety of entertainment venues, spa and fitness and luxury dining.

Hussain Sajwani has also branched out into building and construction materials. The company is the largest ceramic tile manufacturer and was established in 1998 in Oman. The array of ceramic tiles is marketed under the name of Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles, Co., SAOGG. The company utilizes raw materials form the area and imports the necessary counterparts from leading producers of ceramic products in Spain and Italy. Hussain Sajwani is also the primary shareholder in Al Amana Building Materials Company, LLC. The company provides a wide variety of bathroom utilities and accessories, surface finishes and flooring materials.

Additional info: elmawkefalarabi.com/life-style/news-20180417505

Overcoming Addiction with Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus has struggled with an addiction to alcohol and drugs for pretty much her whole life. She went to rehab for the first time in 2011 when she was 26 years old. It was in Tuscon, Arizona and she had no knowledge about the disease, besides the fact that her life had become pure chaos while battling her addiction to cocaine and Adderall. She spend 45 days there and was ready to go back to LA with everything she learned.

According to imdb.com, she was sure it would be different this time, but unfortunately, her chaotic life continued. She tried everything, including: moving states and getting new friends. She finally found herself begging to change in 2016 after spending another 60 days in a Connecticut rehab. She was ready to do whatever it took to get her life back on track. On Thanksgiving Day in NYC she was all alone and at rock bottom. She got arrested and this was the point that she realized that she needed to get real help or she was going to die.

She flew to Austin, Texas in 2017 and checked into a treatment center that was long term. Unlike the other treatment centers she had been to, this one worked on a 12-step program and they gave tough love while expecting the patients to have accountability. It had prayer and meditation, as well as an hour and a half of chores. After chores, the rest of the day was back to back group meetings. Each step had an entire month and they worked with outside sponsors. She was finally able to get into a halfway house and they required her to work 30-40 hours a week.

Victoria, a creative marketer and a recovery expert, was able to finally sustain herself and live a sober life. She was also able to get a ticket to see her mom and show her the new person she was. She tells people that it might be hard, but you need to really want it. It’s much better to live sober and risking your life just isn’t worth it! See Victoria’s closet on Tradesy.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Helpful Financial Planning Services

For people who are always worried about their financial future, such worries can be put to rest with the help of a sound investment strategy. While most of the people are aware that they need to plan their financial future, they are confused as to how to go about doing that. When it comes to investments, there are endless investment products in the market that can easily confuse anyone without much understanding of the how the financial markets work. Even if you do have a business background, it would be difficult to make the wise choice as to what investment products you should choose and which one to avoid meeting your specific financial requirements in the future.

Many of the people who tried to do retirement themselves without taking professional help are struggling today to make their ends meet and are unable to fulfill their retirement goals. If you want to make sure that you do not have a similar fate in the future, taking the help of the financial advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors is an ideal choice. Rest assured that the financial advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors have years of experience in planning personalized wealth management and investment plans for individuals. They have a unique approach to designing an investment strategy and can help to ensure that you achieve the financial and retirement goals in the future without any obstacles. Many people who try to meet their financial goals with random investments they make themselves often fail.

It is for this reason many older adults are unable to make their ends meet and have to depend on their children for finance. If you do not want a similar future for yourself, consult with the financial advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors today. According to blogwebpedia.com, it is one of the oldest investment planning service providers in the United States and has served hundreds of high net worth individuals over the years. The financial planning they do for you is custom-tailored as per your financial and retirement goals, and you can be sure that you would be able to live your retirement goals like you always planned.

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Guilherme Paulus Has Given A Hand To His Homeland

Guilherme Paulus is one of many heroes when it comes to the tourism industry in Brazil.

IstoE Dinheiro Magazine has applauded Guilherme Paulus for playing a role in the economic development of Brazil. This is a really big deal because Brazil is not yet a developed country. It has some characteristics that developed countries have, though it is not considered to be developed due to various factors such as generally low living standards and low GDP per capital. Brazil is considered to be a country that is in the process of developing.

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When thinking about the importance of Guilherme Paulus’s leadership in Brazil, one must know something about the social and economic conditions of Brazil. There is a lot of development in Brazil. However, some sources say that about 25% of the population in Brazil—a percentage that equals out to about more than 50 million people—live under the poverty line. However, the percentages of people who live under the poverty line vary, depending on which part of the country that you are talking about. In the most northeastern part of the country, the poverty rate is about 43.5%; while the poverty rate in the most southern part of the country is 12.3%. Brazilians come from various ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds. There are pure (or mostly pure) people of European blood, Native blood and African blood. There are also people who are racially mixed. The poorest people tend to be of African descent while the wealthier people tend to be of European descent. There are some people who live traditional lifestyles off-grid, while there are others who live in built up towns and cities.

The facilities that Guilherme Paulus has established provide options for people who live in disparaging economic circumstances. He has even taken part in several projects to help young people who are in lower-income situations. Guilherme Paulus has made sure to take part in several programs that give young adults the opportunity to explore career options in the tourism industry. These programs include Projeto Nacional de Iniciação Profissional em Turismo, the PIETO Project and the Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution.

Source: https://www.100fronteiras.com/guilherme-paulus-presidente-do-grupo-gjp-e-eleito-um-dos-empreendedores-do-ano-2017/

Jason Hope Dedicates Money To Science

Jason Hope is a visionary who has put his money behind his ideas. He has never been afraid to take on the unknown and look for solutions where others have not dared to go. He is a successful investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and futurist. Jason began his career with his own startup company and eventually began to invest in other startup concepts. He graduated from the Arizona State University and went on to obtain a master’s degree from WP Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope is a passionate visionary who has made generous donations to a number of different institutions in the name of science. He gave $500,000 to the Sens Foundation to assist them in preventing artery-cell proteins from bonding. The process was able to move along swiftly due to Hope’s donation. The scientist at the institute were quick to give Jason the credit that he deserves for helping them move forward with their project. Sens is currently working on biotechnology that will play a major role in rejuvenating sick people.

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Jason Hope has aggressively taken on the aging process. He has invested in the research and helped groundbreaking organizations do a difficult job of discovery. People are affected by a number of different diseases as they get up in age. Each of these issues can lead to a lower quality of life as time goes on. Osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer commonly overtake the elderly and has a negative impact on their daily situation. Jason Hope plans to combat this destructive process by preventing the disease instead of waiting to treat it the way the healthcare system currently does.

Jason Hope is an original supporter of The Internet of Things. It is a concept that states that all human tools of convenience will eventually be linked together. There will be more than 700 billion dollars spent on the Internet of Things by 2018 according to Jason. He is concerned about how society will respond to such a dynamic and looks at necessary items such as IT security and Block-chain technology.

See: http://cityscene.org/jason-hope-the-entrepreneur-from-arizona/

Roberto Santiago Contributing to the Development of Manaira Shopping Mall

For many years, the city of Joao Pessoa, capital of the state of Paraiba in Brazil, had no shopping mall or any other comprehensive activity center where families and young people can go and spend time. However, all that changed with the development of Manaira Shopping Mall by Roberto Santiago. He is one of the most famous personalities in the business circles of Brazil and is a renowned entrepreneur. The amount of success Roberto Santiago has achieved in the real estate business is unprecedented, and he continues to evolve as a businessman and as a real estate developer.


He has helped the community by constructing such a comprehensive activity and recreational facility for the locals. The Manaira and Mangabeira Shopping Mall continue to be the benchmark in the field of mall constructions. Many other malls in the state and the country are developed following the footsteps of these massive malls constructed by Roberto Santiago. He also continues to supervise the growth and development of these malls to ensure that it remains to deliver as promised and that the visitors are satisfied with the services and facilities available at the mall.


Roberto Santiago has been there from the very beginning of the process of development of Manaira Shopping Mall, starting from conceptualization to designing and from developing to completion. The supervision and leadership of Roberto Santiago have helped in paving the way for the success of the Manaira Shopping Mall. As the biggest mall in the state of Paraiba, Manaira Shopping Mall has some of the most magnificent facilities that the city has never seen or experienced before. To start with, Manaira Shopping Mall is spread through the massive area of more than 135,000 square meters. Manaira Shopping Mall has various activity centers inside it, including gaming zone, kids’ zone, and bowling alley. There are eight screens in its movie multiplex that ensures that multiple movies can be screened at one time.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is also renowned among the locals for its food court that offers a large variety of cuisines from local to international at affordable prices. The food court in the mall is a perfect place for hanging out with friends, and many students are seen at the mall across the day. In the weekends, the mall committee organizes various events to keep the visitors entertained. There are many contests with huge prizes for giveaways are also held at the Manaira Shopping Mall on special occasions and days. Roberto Santiago has ensured that the Manaira Shopping Mall goes through different phases of re-development to stay updated with the modern standards as per the demands of the visitors. Recently, an exclusive gourmet space was added to the mall that has some restaurants, which have become a go-to place for families on the weekends.



Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Lots of well paying jobs are up for grabs at Sussex Healthcare. This is an amazing way to get into the healthcare field or use your training to pursue a career.

Sussex Healthcare operates 20 senior living homes in the region. In addition, this healthcare company also runs a brand new gymnasium built to serve the seniors living in this company’s elder care homes and seniors still living in the communities nearby the new building. This facility offers a relaxing warm water pool and hydro-jet therapy that can lower body, joint and muscle pain that many older people often develop.

All of the gorgeous privately run senior care homes offer its residents a homey atmosphere that feels wonderful. Even though round-the-clock nursing care is available, the facilities do not look anything like a sterile and cold hospital setting. This leading senior healthcare provider is currently on the hunt for more highly skilled and passionate nurses, therapists, doctors, certified nursing assistants and qualified supportive care employees. Individuals looking for a challenging job that offers competitive pay, many terrific health and retirement benefits and a welcoming and low stress working environment should apply soon. These top jobs are not expected to go unfilled for long.

The living homes that Sussex Healthcare operates are designed to make life easier for their many valued residents. High end security measures are taken to ensure that the residents, their families and the staff feel comfortable and safe in a beautiful environment. Many outdoor trails, gardens and lush landscaped grounds can be seen in these wonderful facilities. This healthcare giant promotes respect for the residents, visitors and between the employee staff. All employees in this healthcare campus are highly encouraged to speak up with care or other relevant ideas to improve the company’s already famed and respected customer care services with a smile.

In addition to the direct patient care positions, Sussex Healthcare also hires drivers, activity coordinators, administrative leaders, hospitality agents, maintenance and lawn landscaping positions and computer IT specialists. If you are searching for a career that matters, come on over to Sussex Healthcare and apply. Many desirable positions are now open in dietary, housekeeping, laundry services and more. This healthcare leader has recently announced a new CEO. She comes with a wealth of related senior healthcare experience and understands how important that finding good employees is. Join a team that truly makes a difference.

Source: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/

The Fagali’I Airport – Your Landing Airport For Visiting The Beautiful City Of Apia

The Fagali’I airport is located just a hop and a skip from the beautiful city of Apia. Apia, the city of amazing beaches, adventurous jungles and rich Samoan culture of dancing, crafting and foods, provides a vacation of sheer magic. Take a flight to the Fagali’I airport, and from this point, let the adventures begin!

The Fagali’I Airport is a small airport, but has style. A great Samoan cultured manner of smiles and friendliness for your most troubled day. Enter the facility and ask a representative of whatever choose. If you need help with heavy bags, a nice strong staff member can be of assistance. If for any reason you need a simple point in the right direction, the staff will provide a hand. A highly reviewed airport and continues to sharpen its customer service skills.

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The beautiful city of Apia is amazing. Try the many fun activities with so many exciting people of the Samoan culture: scuba diving and snorkeling, surfing, yoga hiking, rock sliding, museums, volcanoes and much, much more! Never count the city of Apia and surrounding areas out on excitement. Many magical hotels are available at rates starting at just $49 per night according to expedia.com.

Book your flight to the Fagali’I airport today and enjoy a weekend, a week, a month or even a lifetime in Apia. The Samoan community is a very welcoming community of friendly and smiley faces. Take advantage of the consistent offerings of flight deals going in to the Fagali’I airport according to tripadvisor.com.

Learn more about Fagali’I Airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfEnb3wwtYo