Papa John’s New Top Executive Steve Ritchie

Before Steve Ritchie was offered his new position as the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, he had been working within the company for over two decades, first as a customer service representative. Then, in 2006, he became a franchise owner, a move that made him one of the company’s 120,000 franchise members and corporate leaders. He was also the President and Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s International from 2014 to 2017. The previous jobs that he held at the restaurant chain qualified him for his latest role there, being that he had a full understanding of what has to be done to keep a business prospering, and to gain customer satisfaction.

As the company’s new CEO, a position he was put into at the beginning of 2018, Steve Ritchie is in charge of the brand’s global development and marketing. He and the other members of the senior management team are working on ways to improve the diversity practices within the business, and they aim to move the pizza chain to a more positive standing with customers by being transparent and holding themselves accountable for any unprofessional actions by those who work for Papa John’s. The executives also plan to listen to their franchise members and other employees more in order to get feedback from them on how to move the company forward.

Papa John’s Pizza (@PapaJohns) was established in October of 1984, and there are currently over 5,000 of its restaurants in operation worldwide, with over 4,000 of them in the US alone, in all 50 states. In addition to its regular carry-out and delivery options, the franchise was the first one to offer its customers online ordering, which it began in 2002. The Louisville, Kentucky based company is now the 3rd largest pizza delivery restaurant in the world. After accepting his new role at Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns expressed his appreciation for being given the opportunity to be in a leading position within the company, and he stated that he felt very humbled by it. He also said that the company is thankful to its many customers who have remained loyal to the brand throughout the years.


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