Steve Ritchie Is One CEO Who Takes The Time To Listen To The Company’s Employees

In an August 2018 public article on the Stories. PapaJohns website, the current CEO of the Papa John’s pizza company tells about his recent travels to some of the chain’s stores across the United States.

As the CEO of a successful pizza chain that has more than 5,000 stores worldwide, Steve Ritchie wanted to visit some of the company’s stores so he could personally meet with franchisees and store team members.

With a goal of listening to what the company’s employees need, and learning of new ways that the company can do even better, Mr. Ritchie visited several Papa John’s stores, including locations in Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit and Los Angeles.

In his online article, Steve Ritchie mentions how Papa John’s promotes a policy known People Are Priority Always. In his visits to the company’s stores, Mr. Ritchie listened as franchisees spoke of how close-knit their staff members have become. The CEO heard employees tell about the stores’ support of local charities and other community organizations.

Acknowledging that some customers may have received a negative impression from past business issues, Mr. Ritchie believes that the members of the Papa John’s organization are optimistic about the future.

In his conversations with the people who operate and work at the stores, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns heard them say that they are very interested in helping the company to move forward. The CEO said that without these people, Papa John’s would not exist. In the company’s view, the people who operate and work at the stores are not only what the company is made up of, but they are also representatives of their communities.

Summing up the article, Steve Ritchie says that as the Papa John’s company continues to stay focused on its purpose, and continues to listen to suggestions, the company will provide an increasingly better experience for customers and company workers alike.

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