Ryan Seacrest’s Achievements

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned producer, radio personality and TV host. He is mainly known for hosting the widely celebrated show, American Idol. He has received several awards throughout his career. Ryan together with Kelly Ripa host the Live with Kelly and Ryan show on a permanent basis from may 2017. It is one of the best decisions that Ryan believes he made in his life as they match perfectly with Kelly in the show. He admits that there is much expectation form the audience and therefore he also expects much from the co-host. The Guinness World Records are around the corner, and hence they have to undergo much preparation after the summer break which Ryan says that he enjoyed extensively. Despite being on holiday, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) continued to communicate with his co-host.

He has hosted some of the unique stunts and acts that are not witnessed in most of the other shows considered to offer such platforms. The record Breaker week is one of the sections that Ryan has hosted for a while as the show teams up with the Guinness World Records. During the Record Breaker week, the host has to ensure that all people get entertained, and the show becomes the best on the moment as the number of viewers at such a time increases. During the Week, renowned people are also hosted to share their life experiences and also motivate the audience to stir on their talents.

The American Idol’s success gets attributed to several things host Ryan Seacrest being one of them. He is also the owner of the Ryan Seacrest Distinction which is a Menswear brand Collections Shop, and the fashions are doing well in the market. He also hosts the “on air with Ryan” show every morning during the weekdays KIIS-Fm. He has been successful in hosting the show due to his vast knowledge on the current issues blended with the inborn talent. He started up the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower the young through entertainment.

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