Hussain Sajwani The Entrepreneurial Guru

Husain Sajwani is a known entrepreneur and a billionaire developer from Dubai. He is the reigning president, Chief Executive Officer and the founder DAMAC Properties; a real estate business enterprise dealing with fancy models, golf course undertakings and expensive marketing commercials. Sajwani is among Dubai’s key figures in the money market.

In 2002, Sajwani started up the DAMAC Properties after approval by the governance of Dubai allowing foreigners to possess properties. In an interview, when starting up the DAMAC Properties, he was targeting to accommodate a large number of foreigners visiting Dubai.

DAMAC Properties is the largest privately owned real estate investment plant in the Middle East which retains cash overflows in the form of deposits and government bonds granting the DAMAC Properties limited the enabling factor in the construction market. A credit to Sajwani for his managerial prowess which has seen the company realize high-profit margins.

According to the Arab News, having managed a family business, Hussain Sajwani got adequate experience and the entrepreneurial culture got installed in him since his tender age, thereafter, after graduation he started his own business, years later he began a regional catering business enterprise from whom the profits realized he invested in a real estate business and developing small eatery joints. This eventually generated enough income enabling him to operate properties in Dubai.

Meetings with his management teams occupy most of his time and ensuring that all the premises under his surveillance are well monitored and running smoothly, besides he also networks with prospective and existing business partners. Thus he meets the business community quite rottenly. Sajwani`s life is full of business undertakings.

Just like all entrepreneurs, Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) is no exemption; he is future-oriented searching for fresh business ideas to venture in and different opportunities to invest in which has promising growth potential.

Hussain Sajwani embraces technological advancement and praises the social media for the positive impact it has brought about bridging the gap between business enterprises and the consumers and enabling a smooth flow of communication between the corresponding parties involved in a business ecosystem. Where he says that the DAMAC Properties are adopting a digital mode of operation where foreigners can book for accommodations online.

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