Jim Toner’s Two Cents On How To Become Successful Again Despite Previous Failures

The past decade has been pretty harsh on the Average Joe. This is thanks to major economic slumps and this, when coupled up with the housing market crash, makes things even worse, thereby killing the dreams and aspirations of a person who once had a vision of getting to the top. Thanks to the said factors, myriads of people have undergone massive losses in their golden years and real estate accounts, forcing them to join the hopeless lot. Nevertheless, real estate had nothing to do with the crushed dreams and hopes. Instead, it is the decisions that these people made that caused things to turn out the way they did. This is according to renowned real estate guru and entrepreneur, Jim Toner.

In an article posted on the affiliatedork recently, Jim Toner associates success with the decisions people make as he has proved this through his own life experiences. For instance, he is a man who went from grass to glory, and then back to grass before rising to glory again. This low and high pattern in his life, he attributes to the decisions that he made during the lows and the highs.

He goes on to add that the decision to take charge of his life is what helped him rise when he was at rock bottom and when there seemed like there was no more hope. In respect to that, he believes that despite the adverse situations surrounding people who suffered losses in the past, this is the best time ever to capitalize and get back to their feet.

According to sendinthewolves.com, apart from taking control of their lives, Jim Toner also goes on to add that the type of attitude one has while making business and life decisions plays an integral part in the outcome. He gives an example with real estate by saying that if you can only see obstacles instead of opportunities, then you will end up with negative results and the vice versa. Attitude on one side, on the other hand, Jim says that the type of people you surround yourself with, also help determine whether you’ll grow or not. In respect to that, he suggests that those who want to make it out of the pit they fell in years ago, should surround themselves with talented people. He gives an example of notable entrepreneurs like Henry Ford who did this and are now reaping big.

Besides the above life lessons, Jim Toner goes ahead to give other valuable lessons. For instance, he urges anyone seeking success to first work on themselves as you can either be, your greatest asset or limitation. This he has seen through his lenses as he failed miserably when he tried to work towards success with health issues and as such emphasizes on the Average Joe to work towards becoming physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually stable before something or anyone else. You can also check out his profile on crunchbase.com.

Jim Toner also urges young entrepreneurs to stop acting poor and adopt the mindset of the rich. The only way to do this is by hanging out with successful people, setting and pursuing goals and reading books so they can understand how successful people do what they do. See the latest from Toner on Facebook.

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