Roberto Santiago Contributing to the Development of Manaira Shopping Mall

For many years, the city of Joao Pessoa, capital of the state of Paraiba in Brazil, had no shopping mall or any other comprehensive activity center where families and young people can go and spend time. However, all that changed with the development of Manaira Shopping Mall by Roberto Santiago. He is one of the most famous personalities in the business circles of Brazil and is a renowned entrepreneur. The amount of success Roberto Santiago has achieved in the real estate business is unprecedented, and he continues to evolve as a businessman and as a real estate developer.


He has helped the community by constructing such a comprehensive activity and recreational facility for the locals. The Manaira and Mangabeira Shopping Mall continue to be the benchmark in the field of mall constructions. Many other malls in the state and the country are developed following the footsteps of these massive malls constructed by Roberto Santiago. He also continues to supervise the growth and development of these malls to ensure that it remains to deliver as promised and that the visitors are satisfied with the services and facilities available at the mall.


Roberto Santiago has been there from the very beginning of the process of development of Manaira Shopping Mall, starting from conceptualization to designing and from developing to completion. The supervision and leadership of Roberto Santiago have helped in paving the way for the success of the Manaira Shopping Mall. As the biggest mall in the state of Paraiba, Manaira Shopping Mall has some of the most magnificent facilities that the city has never seen or experienced before. To start with, Manaira Shopping Mall is spread through the massive area of more than 135,000 square meters. Manaira Shopping Mall has various activity centers inside it, including gaming zone, kids’ zone, and bowling alley. There are eight screens in its movie multiplex that ensures that multiple movies can be screened at one time.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is also renowned among the locals for its food court that offers a large variety of cuisines from local to international at affordable prices. The food court in the mall is a perfect place for hanging out with friends, and many students are seen at the mall across the day. In the weekends, the mall committee organizes various events to keep the visitors entertained. There are many contests with huge prizes for giveaways are also held at the Manaira Shopping Mall on special occasions and days. Roberto Santiago has ensured that the Manaira Shopping Mall goes through different phases of re-development to stay updated with the modern standards as per the demands of the visitors. Recently, an exclusive gourmet space was added to the mall that has some restaurants, which have become a go-to place for families on the weekends.



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