Robert Ivy: Giving Back To Those In Need Of Help

Robert Ivy is a successful architect who was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He earned his Sewanee University and a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane. He has held many positions, including the editor of “Architectural Record” magazine, VP and Editorial Director of the McGraw-Hill Construction and Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record, and currently the CEO of AIA.

AIA was founded more than 150 years ago, in 1857 and is dedicated to giving architects everything they need to succeed. Its base is in Washington DC, where Robert Ivy currently resides. Their goal is to guide architects on licensure and continuing education in architecture. They do this with job boards, grants, fellowships, and scholarships. There are also articles on their website about specific subjects that a person wanting to get into the architecture business might have questions about.

Every year AIA celebrates the achievements of architects in many categories which include the AIA/HUD Secretary’s Awards, Housing Awards, Small Project Awards. Others were honored for their accomplishments such as fellowship and achievement.

Robert Ivy gives praise where it is due. Robert Ivy has written an authoritative biography called “Fay Jones: Architect” about the famous architect, who was the apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Art Library Society of North America cited Fay Jones: Architect for “the highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.


Robert Ivy has also been praised for his leadership and hard work. Architectural Record earned many honors under his leadership. In 2009 he received the Crain Award from the American Business Media. This is their highest award for an individual.

Robert Ivy is a leader in the field of architecture and has dedicated his life to helping others achieve accomplishments in this field. With his tenacious attitude and through hard work he has created a legacy that will follow him through his life and beyond. His giving nature with AIA makes it a little easier for people who want to break into the field who may not have direction or money. With the more than 90,000 members, there is plenty of experience to go around, which is very important to someone new to the field.

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