Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC

Last week, Kevin Seawright appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show to discuses his future project plans for RPS Solutions LLC. Since 2015, RPS Solutions has been a joint partnership led by Seawright that focuses on creating and renovating affordable housing in the Baltimore area. The goal of the partnership is to raise the home ownership rate of the surrounding area.

By raising the home ownership rate of both the Baltimore and suburbs surrounding it, the community is supposed to be improved. High ownership rate is generally indicative of a more productive and family friendly environment. As a result, Seawright intends for RPS Solutions to be a catalyst in creating a better Baltimore area for all who live there.

RPS Solutions is highly passionate about home ownership in Baltimore. Specifically, Seawright enjoys working with first time home buyers entering into the market. He enjoys opening up avenues that allow individuals to enter a stable and safe neighborhood that otherwise they may not have had the opportunity to enter. By making houses affordable for everyone, Kevin Seawright homes to open up new doors for everyone who approaches him

RPS Solutions aims to help individuals looking to own a home in a variety of ways. First, the partnership constructs homes and renovates them in a way to make them affordable. In addition, RPS Solutions offers assistance in finding home loans for individuals looking to buy a home. With low interest rates and low credit barriers, most who approach the group will find that they have avenues to follow in order to own a home.

The explicitly stated goal of RPS Solutions LLC is to raise the home ownership rate of the Baltimore area above 48.3%, raising the socioeconomic status of the area.

Kevin Seawright has spent most of his career working in local government, education, and real estate. He has operated out of Washington, Maryland and New Jersey. In addition, he has held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Through RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright attempts to better living in the Baltimore area.