George Gascon Mischievous Statements about Racism within Police Department

George Gascon is the Police Chief and District Attorney for San Francisco had close ties with the police union to extend that he was unable to deliver justice to the force. George being described as he has shown no apprehension about the affairs of police department diversity. Gascon was reportedly spotted on a night out with other unions colleagues where he made racially disparaging comments. His indifference about the police force raised awareness to former Police Chiefs who took action to accuse him of an allegation of racism and Homophobia within the police force. The Allegation were submitted by former President of Police Officers Association (POA) Mr. Gary Delagnes.
Gary’s allegation was presented to the Panel before the dates set to face the panel, and it was appropriate for him to face the assertions and boredom in his work as Police Chief. Early February 22, 2016, Gascon briefed the Panel that the police union has substantial effects on the functions of the Police Chief or Police Commissioner to make improvements within the police reforms and rather no efforts that can bring better changes.
During a leadership forum organized by Harvard Law School in 2010 when Delagnes was still the President of POA. Mr. Gascon behaved after heavily taking alcohol by giving out his views in front of Union representative Mr. Halloran that ridiculed minorities and evoking the time he spent with Los Angeles Police Department, statement that directly offended his colleagues.
Delagnes saw it unfit for Gascon to assume the seat of Police Chief given the tapestry of behavior that he saw in Gascon when he was the President of POA. He added that Gascon had issues with his colleagues within the police departed and this relationship emanated his disrespecting statements and racism. According to Delagnes, his suspicion prompted him to pour out his worries on a blue-ribbon panel about Mr. Gascon as the Head of the police department.
In all times that Delagnes spent with George Gascon he learned that he was challenged by issues such racial, sexual orientation and genderwhich are contagious issues within the police department and no effort he had seen it Georges that were geared towards improving SFPD.


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